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We have what it takes to get you from start to finish. Business, personal, vacation, events... We're here for your special request. Call or email for questions, quote, or booking. Services starting at $40 per hour. 


PET CARE ASSISTANT: Available to watch your special little FURRY family member(s) at events, on vacation, at your hotel/campground/home/park, etc. Also available for pet walks or feeding of pets at your home while you're out of town.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

CHILDCARE ASSISTANT: Available to watch your special little humans at events, on vacation, or date night at your hotel/campground/home/park/adventure outing, etc. Long term private nanny services may also be available. Up to four children.


BUSINESS ASSISTANT: Consulting, Project Management, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Billing, Process Development, Case Studies, Theory of Constraints Anaylsis and Revamping, Employee Recruiting, Web Designing, Marketing, Permitting,  Social Media Management, Special Projects, Absent Employee Fill In, Property Management, Etc.

Washer Coin Slider Repair

LAUNDRY ASSISTANT: Who has time for laundry in today's busy world?! I do! Bring it to me or take advantage of pick up/drop off service. $2.45 per pound of laundry. Bulk Laundry Fee: $1 additional per blanket, $5 additional per comforter. Pick up/drop off charge based on location. Also available for in your home laundry services (per hour rate) with house cleaning done while waiting on each load to finish. 

Cleaning Materials

PERSONAL ASSISTANT: House/Vacation Home/Nightly Rental Cleaning, Laundry, Errand Running, Packing/Moving, Lite Yard Work, Property Management, Etc. Wash/dry/fold laundry services also available in your home/nightly house rental where washer/dryer is available.


DAY COMPANION ASSISTANT: Need someone to join you on an outdoor activity, dinner, event, trail outting, gym workout, etc? Variety of attire: off-roading apparel, elegant dinner apparel, bikinis, professional business apparel, outdoor apparel, workout apparel, holiday costumes, etc. Friendly, easy to talk to, informative, and helpful. Why would someone want to hire a Day Companion Assistant? Perhaps you're new to traveling alone and want someone to help build your confidence that you can get out there. Perhaps you're social and love a good conversation or just need a listening ear at dinner. Perhaps you are nervous about off-roading and want someone available to play DJ or make the emergency call for you if something happens. Perhaps you hate going to the gym alone, but feel motivated if you have someone to workout beside you. Everyone needs a respectful, fun, smiling friend. 


VACATION HOME ASSISTANT: Let us get your home away from home prepared before you arrive for relaxation and fun. House/Vacation Home/Nightly Rental Cleaning, Grocery Stocking, Errand Running, Packing/Moving, Lite Yard Work, Property Management, Etc. Wash/dry/fold laundry services also available in your home/nightly rental where washer/dryer is available. Available to coordinate meals, catering, and trail meals. Need something special for a personal location you've rented?


BRAND AMBASSADOR ASSISTANT: Available for Spokesmodel, Events, Photoshoots, Trail Outings, Etc in a Variety of Bikinis, Off-Roading Apparel, Professional Business Apparel, Outdoor Apparel, Workout Apparel, Etc. Not afraid to be pretty and social or get down and dirty working labor brand ambassador assistant positions. 

Snack Food

GROUP/EVENT/VACATION ASSISTANT: Available to coordinate meals, catering, trail meals, or groceries at your next group event, business holiday party, or vacation home. Property management, group activity booking/coordinating, event planning, marketong, permitting, etc also available. Need something special for a personal or business location you've rented? We can help with most special requests including but not limited to: planning, delivery, setup, and clean up. 

Blue Pickup Truck

TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANT: Available to drive your personal pickup truck, pickup truck and trailer, car, van, etc from one location to another while you relax, start/end your activity at different locations and need your vehicle moved, or fly to your destination and meet us there to pick up your vehicle/toy.

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